Preparation for First Visit

It is extremely important to talk about dentistry in a positive manner to your child prior to their first appointment to help make it a positive experience.  Avoid talking to them about dental problems you have had or any negative experiences you have had at the dentist.  It is also important to avoid using the dentist as a punishment.  If you tell your child the dentist will give them a shot if they don't brush their teeth, the dentist will become something your child will fear. 

For younger children, pretending to play dentist at home can be a fun way to get them ready for their first visit.  Another great way to prepare children for their first visit is reading books about going to the dentist or fun books about teeth. 

Some of our favorite books:

  • Dr. DeSoto
  • Show Me Your Smile!:  A Visit to the Dentist (Dora)
  • The Tooth Book (Dr. Seuss)
  • Moose's Loose Tooth
  • Elmo Visits the Dentist
  • The Tooth Book (By Edward Miller)
  • Pony Brushes His Teeth
  • What if You Had Animal Teeth?  (Great for older kids!)