Age One Dental Visits

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children see a dentist and establish a “Dental Home” by age 1. This means that your child has a place where oral health care is delivered in a comprehensive, accessible and family-centered way by a licensed dentist. This relationship gives parents a chance to ask questions and for the dentist and their staff to educate and help prevent any dental problems to give your child the best chance for optimal oral health.

Did you know nearly 50% of children will develop a cavity by age 5?  Research shows that children who visit the dentist early in life are more likely to return for regular routine exams and cleanings and less likely to return for fillings or extractions. By establishing a great oral health care program for your child, they will have a higher chance of being raised free of cavities and gum disease!

What to expect at this visit:

At Longmont Pediatric Dentistry, we emphasize the importance of preventative dental care, including early oral health care. Many parents are nervous about this appointment, but it is a very quick and informative visit.

  • Typically, a lap exam is completed where the infant sits with a parent and their head is laid back on the dentist’s knees.
  • The dentist does a quick exam to check on development and make sure everything looks healthy.
  • Most importantly, we are able to talk with you about your child’s diet and habits to help identify anything that will place them at a higher risk for dental problems.
  • We also discuss tips to make brushing and flossing easier for you and your child.  

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